K.O.3an Guo (2009)


The film is a comedic adaptation of Luo Guan Zhong’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms, incorporating some alterations to the original story. It commences in the Silver Dimension, where Guan Yu and Zhang Fei encounter Liu Bei after triumphing over the Yellow Turban. Liu Bei persuades them to become sworn brothers, but during the ceremony, he “accidentally” collapses and sustains severe injuries. Tu, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Liu Bei, steps in to replace him and transports Liu Bei back to the Iron Dimension for medical treatment. Tu is the sole individual aware of the substitution, which is not just Liu Bei’s secret but also known to Zhang Fei. Subsequent events in the storyline mostly echo the events of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel, albeit with some modifications. These alterations make the film more intriguing, with countries and forces represented as educational institutions, and the school heads serving as their leaders. Cao Cao is the president of the student council, and Diao Chan and Xiao Qiao are depicted as best friends, among other fascinating details.

George Hu – Guan Yu
Lin Bo Yan – Zhang Fei
Benji – Zhao Yun
Lee Shiau Shiang – Ma Chao
Luo Hong Zheng – Huang Zhong
Chen De Xiu – Liu Bei/ Hu Yan Jue Luo Xiu
Kirsten Ren – Diao Chan
Bernice Tsai – Xiao Qiao
Xie Kun Da – Lu Bu
Nylon Chen – Cao Cao

If we mention this film, it’s likely that those who used to watch Taiwanese idol dramas in the past will be familiar with it, but younger viewers may not be acquainted with it. The drama’s plot draws on the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, reinterpreting its storylines to create a fresh version. Some might refer to it as a derivative work, wouldn’t they? There’s another film that follows a similar approach, Triple Frontier, which is based on the story of Justice Pao.

To delve into the drama’s content, to grasp the context of the turbulent times, one should watch “The X-Family,” which deals explicitly with the concept of time and space division. In contrast, this drama focuses solely on the events in the Silver Dimension, where a story reminiscent of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” unfolds. Personally, I enjoy watching dramas that are both entertaining and informative. Thanks to this drama, I gained considerable knowledge about the details of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” Previously, I only knew about Diao Chan’s seduction of Lu Bu, which I had learned from the Paris By Night play, but I wasn’t familiar with any other details from the novel. Although there are quite a few adaptations in the drama, it doesn’t interfere with the historical accuracy. In 2017, GTV attempted to remake this drama, but due to historical inaccuracies, they had to halt the first part’s broadcast. I must specify that the drama I’m reviewing was released in 2009. Another notable aspect of the drama is its humor, with many comical details like Guan Yu having a crush on Diao Chan or Cao Cao, and Zhao Yun being attracted to Xiao Qiao. Although these details may seem ahistorical, I found them amusing and enjoyable. Nonetheless, some viewers might find them too far-fetched. The drama is highly entertaining and engaging, and I had the chance to watch the entire series on Netflix, but unfortunately, it was later removed from the platform, possibly due to low viewership. I regret not having downloaded it at the time to preserve it.

The drama’s plot has been previously described, and it can be said that the film is excellent, meaningful, and very entertaining. The actors, particularly Xiu, who portrays Liu Bei and Tu, are quite good, even though they may not be professional actors. Another positive aspect of the drama is its soundtrack, with the addition of singing to a martial arts film. Although there aren’t many songs, the ones in the drama are quite good. The martial arts scenes are typical for a super-powered martial arts drama, with an abundance of palm strikes and fast-paced action. However, I wasn’t particularly impressed with the martial arts scenes’ execution. Overall, the drama is unforgettable for me, with each character and actor leaving a lasting impression. Despite this, none of the actors skyrocketed to fame after the drama’s release, but I heard that it was quite popular in Taiwan when it was first shown.

This is my favorite couple in the drama, although they are not as prominent as Lu Bu and Diao Chan from the original story, nor as heartwarming as Liu Bei and Sun Shang Xiang. This couple is adorable, sacrificial, and has misunderstandings, but they aren’t too emphasized in the drama. Nonetheless, they’ve endeared themselves to me and some other friends who have watched the drama – Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu. Honestly, I believe that they are one of the standout couples in the film. Despite the male lead not being conventionally handsome and the female lead not being exceptionally beautiful, the two actors played their roles superbly, forming a charming and lovable couple. It’s one of the factors contributing to the drama’s success.

Song: The Small Wish
Singer: Kirsten Ren – Champion
Couple: Xiao Qiao – Zhou Yu

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