Forensic Heroes I

Firstly, although it’s not exactly the beginning since there was a previous Angel N Devil and K.O.3an.Guo, this marks the start of the movies that I have re-watched the most. It’s none other than Forensic Heroes, which I’m sure many of you who are TVB fans are familiar with. As a fan of crime dramas and of TVB productions, having grown up watching TVB dramas, you can expect to see quite a few of them in the movies that I will be sharing.

As you may already know – or for those who are unaware, Forensic Heroes currently has five seasions. The fourth season have already been released, and the fifth season is currently being shown.

Synopsis: Senior chemist of the Forensic Science Division Ko Yin-Pok is a rational and level-headed type with remarkable powers of observation. Through the examination of physical traces like a small strand of hair or tiny fibers from clothing, he can help the police crack even the toughest cases. With the help with Koo Chak Sum, who is a forensic pathologist, and senior inspector of police Leung Siu Yau they solved many mysteries cases. (

Diễn viên: Bobby Au Yeung, Frankie Lam, Yoyo Mung, Linda Chung,…

I can only say one thing about this film: it’s fantastic. I feel that not just me, but also those who have seen it, would agree, as the writing, actors, and setting all contribute to make this film genuinely exceptional. If you haven’t seen it yet and have only read the introduction, you could think it’s a movie where the main character needs to clear their name from beginning to conclusion. That, however, is not the case. This film features many small cases that run throughout the film, and each of these cases develops the main character’s story.

Because this is a crime film, I will go over the cases featured in the film. The film’s cases are highly intriguing, delving into the working settings of forensic and legal specialists. As a result, the instances in the film have several logical elements, specific scientific data, and follow recognized legal criteria. The movie’s most famous line is “People can lie, but evidence never lies.” The tense follow-up of case information and speculation about the perpetrator is the trademark of a crime movie, therefore I won’t spoil the cases and will let you experience them for yourself. The stories in the film show societal problems such as child abuse, prostitution, hedonism among young people, domestic violence, and others.
The strong psychological aspects and twisted killers are characteristics of crime films. Cases involving such serial killers are frequently the best in crime films, and this is true for Forensic Heroes season 1. The case that stood out the most to me was the serial killing case, in which the perpetrator raped and murdered multiple victims over a long period of time in different locations but was never apprehended because investigators couldn’t find a common link between the cases and assumed they were the work of different killers. However, because this was not the final case, I felt it was underdeveloped, and the preceding cases were just briefly mentioned. Nonetheless, the killer was extremely twisted, brilliant, and elusive, allowing him to elude detection for a long time before meeting his match in sir Ko and his colleagues. Another instance worth highlighting is the final one, which involves killings inspired by a literature. I won’t go into too much detail about this case to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t seen the film yet, but I will say that the plot of these murder cases is very realistic, and many people probably wish there was someone who could take justice into their own hands and deal with those who cannot be brought to justice through legal means. So, enough of my rambling. I’ll stop here and let you watch the movie to see how amazing these cases are!

The movie plot is the subject of the next paragraph. I enjoy love themes in films and TV shows as a female viewer. Regardless of the number, I think that the romance element lightens a movie’s mood and gives viewers more interesting plotlines, lengthening the film. The romantic component, however, need to be well-balanced and not unduly prolonged. In my opinion, “The Ultimate Crime Fighter,” a TVB crime drama, has an excessively long romantic plotline. The love story is overly drawn out even though there are only three or four cases in the entire film. The plot of “Forensic Heroes 1,” in contrast, completely evades this problem. With both naïve and mature relationships that are suitable for all ages, but particularly for adults, the romantic elements in the program are just right. The topic of teenage love in schools is not covered in the show. Notably, there is no melodrama in the show, and none of the couples suffer after appearing in it. The film also deals with family dynamics and features a variety of families that viewers can identify with. Even the supporting cast members have their own compelling backstories that relate to the series’ overall plot. Overall, I believe the screenwriter did a fantastic job of fusing the stories of the people and the crime narrative.

As for the actors, all I have to say is that they are superb. Regarding the cast’s caliber and appeal, I would like to offer some commentary. Although I apologize for not being able to assess their performing skills, the primary cast of this film is tremendously well-liked by TVB fans. A well-known actor named Bobby Au Yeung has primarily portrayed police officers. No one can dispute his fame or the amount of films he has appeared in, and it appears that he has acted in practically every profession. My mother really likes him, “Housewife Killer” and I have enjoyed many of Bobby’s films since I was a young child. He plays the main character, sir Ko, very well; he is more serious in this film than he is in his other character. He and Yoyo Mung are a terrific duo, which makes up for their love story in “Armed Reaction IV” (for those who have seen the film, they even trade occupations with each other). Yoyo Mung is attractive and makes a good-looking police officer. A gorgeous, considerate, and romantic actor named Franky Lam portrays a forensics. His romance with Linda Chung is really adorable. You may think that I am biased towards Bobby because I mentioned him so much, but that is just my personal opinion. How do you feel? Please feel free to talk in the comments section.

Even though I saw this movie a long back, I still watch it once or twice every couple of years. I used to watch it once a year at first, but as I gained accustomed to the storyline and even the dialogue, I watched it less frequently. I like to watch movies as I clean the house and cook, and this is a movie that I can watch over and over again without becoming bored. Since this is my first time writing a movie review, it might be a little wordy and my grammar might not be perfect. My writing will hopefully become clearer, more thorough, and easier to read in the future. I appreciate you continuing to read.

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