Forensic Heroes II

Nội dung: Bomb disposal expert Yeung Yat-Sing, Ivan, returns from England to visit relatives and happens to come across a grenade case by accident. Ivan’s skills are highly appreciated by Senior Chemist Ko Yin Bok, Timothy, and he is invited to join the Forensic Division. Ivan soon becomes the division’s rising star. Ivan gets back in touch with his long-lost best friend Koo Chak-Sam, Sam. Sam serves as a forensic writer and he is going to get married soon.

Diễn viên: Bobby Au Yeung, Yoyo Mung, Frankie Lam, Kevin Cheng, Charmaine Sheh,…

It was only fitting that “Forensic Heroes I” would have a sequel, “Forensic Heroes II,” which has also been favorably regarded. Similar to the first film, the story revolves around distinct cases that are linked with love subplots. With most of the original cast members returning and the addition of two new prominent characters, the plot picks up where the first part left off. The second part’s plot is likewise very interesting. Both new characters and previous characters have excellent character development. The cast members are aware of one annoying aspect, though: Linda Chung’s character, Ding Ding, is dismissed early on in the show. Many fans found it difficult to learn that Ding Ding had passed away because they adored her, especially when she was paired with Sum. I even skipped a few episodes myself since I couldn’t stand to see Ding Ding die.

Actually, not only did Ding Ding’s character depart early, but Siu Yau’s role also diminished in prominence, going from a lead to a supporting character. He appeared infrequently and was even sent abroad for a few episodes before returning. Additionally, the new female lead, Charmaine Sheh’s Madam Ma, was heavily promoted, but many viewers did not like her character due to her indecisiveness in romantic relationships, as she was torn between two brothers. Despite the abundance of drama in her storyline, aside from the romantic aspect, Madam Ma’s character was quite strong. She was a skilled investigator, kind-hearted, and had a convincing argument. Hence, I found her character acceptable. As for the male characters, their personalities and screen time remained consistent, with the addition of a new male lead, Evan, who was charming and endearing. He was the perfect romantic partner and would fit the mold of a standard romantic novel’s male lead. Therefore, I would rate the male cast a perfect 10!

Regarding the cases in Forensic Heroes II, I believe they are quite good and on par with those in the first installment. The plot is logical, and the forensic, medical, and police teams work together seamlessly. Madam Ma, the new police addition, is a sharp-witted and convincing speaker. Dr. Koo, the medical examiner, is still a skilled doctor and handsome as ever, even writing novels on the side. In terms of forensics, besides the brilliant Sir Ko, Evan is also an excellent addition to the team and adds humor to the mix. While the cases in the second part are engaging, some, like Ding Ding’s death, are heart-wrenching and difficult to watch. The writers seem to hold a grudge against the Pui-Ding sisters, and we suffer along with them. The case of the long-dead body was also intriguing and raised ethical questions about whether a heinous person deserves to be murdered and whether it’s necessary to uncover the truth about them. The more they uncover, the more despicable the person becomes, but the police must work within the law, and no one dares to accuse them, allowing them to wreak havoc and cause ongoing pain. I think part of the reason why people didn’t report the evil was due to the instability of society at the time. However, in a legal society, we should report crimes, bring them to court, and not take matters into our own hands. This case made me ponder deeply, but the other cases were also quite good, and I won’t spoil them for others to enjoy.

As for the romantic aspect of the show, there are more main and supporting characters and more romantic storylines. The Sum-Ding couple has ended, and the Sam-Bell-Evan trio has emerged, which is due to the ambiguity of Madam Ma’s feelings. Sam is not vying for Bell’s affection, and while their scenes are enjoyable, the relationship is not clear-cut. Nonetheless, the couple is beautiful, with both men and women being talented and attractive, and the romantic scenes are sweet. Evan is the perfect romantic partner, always doting on his girlfriend. The Bok-Yu couple has less screen time, with the male lead becoming a supporting character, and the female lead being demoted to a lower status. Their storyline is predictable, and they only seem to be kept in the film to wrap up their relationship by the end. Therefore, I don’t have many emotions towards this couple. However, the show has added some adorable supporting couples that will be enjoyable for viewers to watch and experience.

Regarding the actors, there’s not much of a difference between Part 1 and Part 2, except for the amount of screen time. The two new main characters, played by Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh, are excellent. The acting of the cast is outstanding, and there’s nothing to criticize. I forgot to mention something in the previous season, which is that I read a statement online: “The success of Forensic Heroes in Vietnam is partly due to the voice actors.” I think this statement is accurate. If the dubbing actors were replaced, the show might not be as popular. The dubbing actors brought the characters to life and did an exceptional job. I have been watching TVB dramas dubbed by Fafilm VN since I was young, and their voices are like my childhood memories. I don’t want to change it even now. I hope that the next generation of dubbing actors will have the same passion as their predecessors, to keep Fafilm in the hearts of TVB drama viewers.

This has been quite lengthy, so I’ll stop here. I hope you’ll watch the show soon so we can discuss it further. Thank you for reading through my ramblings!

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