Angel N Devil


A group of high school girls is Copper Dimension’s last defense against the dark forces. They signed a contract with Xiong Ya, a guardian of light, to protect the innocent with their lives in exchange for having one wish come true. When one of their own is killed in school, their hunt for the devils in human skin brings them face to face with their own inner demon. They soon discover they are not above the influence of evil.


Sylvia Wang as Yin Xiao Feng
Simon Lian as Wang Charlie
Teddy Chen as Xiong Ya
Cosmos Lin as Kate
Lucia Chen as Yan Yan
Liu Yuting as Xiang Ning
Allie Ji as Allie
Sunnee Yang as Ding Dang

As you can see, this is a science fiction movie that belongs to K.O’s series, aiming to promote the new actors/actresses of GTV. Currently, the groups being promoted are SpeXial (male group) and A’N’D (female group).

In my opinion, the plot of the movie is quite ordinary. The shadow of K.O.One, The X-Family, and K.O.3an Guo looms too large, and this part with its unremarkable storyline and new cast fails to attract much attention. However, this is just my personal thought. Additionally, since I watched it with English subtitles, there were some parts that I didn’t fully understand.

However, despite not fully understanding the storyline, I was deeply impressed with the on-screen couple, Charlie and Xiao Yang. Normally, I am not a fan of tragic or sad endings for couples, as it can be too distressing to watch. I watch movies mainly for entertainment and don’t like to add more sadness to my life. However, for some reason, I really liked this couple, and I felt there was a lot of chemistry between them, despite having very few romantic scenes. The movie’s soundtrack also complemented their relationship very well. I’m sorry I cannot comment on the actors’ performances since I don’t have much knowledge about acting. In my opinion, as long as the actors don’t seem too stiff on screen, everything else can be overlooked.

Kindly take a look at this clip that I’ve put together from some short scenes featuring the couple Charlie and Xiao Yang. I would love for us to share our emotions together while watching it. This is the first time I’ve made a Vietnamese subtitled clip, and I’m not very good at aesthetics, so please forgive any mistakes. Thank you so much!

Bài hát: Just Lose It
Trình bày: Pets Tseng
Cặp đôi: Charlie – Xiao Yang

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